Completed this last night, in terms of story. Lots of Achievements and some gargoyles left, but life’s too short to go hunting for them.

The Hero of Skill – You were there when the Hero of Skill was recruited. The Hero of Skill isn’t very heroic, but he is voiced by Stephen Fry, so I think I can forgive him.

The Family – The Needs of The Few’ has condemned thousands to death so that loved ones might live. As a good hero, I probably should have chosen to restore the lives of all those who had died during The Spire’s construction, but, well, I couldn’t leave my dog dead. Rufus was my friend and constant companion on the journey, I couldn’t leave him behind.

I did, however, start a new game once I’d finished, which means I’ll never see Rufus again. But the story ended with the hero triumphant and his faithful dog by his side. I can live with that. I’ve now started a new game as an evil character. I scare people, kick chickens, assassinate people, all that. I’ll probably just rush through this game, seeing what differences there are when you choose to be a bad guy.