Finished the story over the weekend. The missions stayed fun and never got to hard, possibly because I was spending all my drug-dealing profits on guns. Lots of guns.

I didn’t stop playing now the story’s over, though. I dealt some more drugs – finally getting rid of one hundred ecstasy tablets I’d had for several days. Then I found the car dealership again and bought myself a tank and went on a fairly short rampage in it. Got a six star wanted level for the first time. I didn’t survive, but dying’s no real problem. (It’s getting Busted that hurts, as you lose all your drugs and weapons.) I’ve done about a third of the stunt jumps now, so lots more to find. I’ve hardly touched the ambulance and taxi missions. And I got attacked by a tooled-up gang of prostitutes who had finally had enough of being killed for their money after providing their services. All very meta.

A truly excellent game and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the seventeen hours or so I’ve put in. I just wish there was even more, despite it being one of the most generous games on the DS.