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An Open Letter

Dear Publishers,

It has come to my attention that some people get free stuff from you in return for being nice about games. So if you want to send me any games or gaming-related tat then I promise not to be rude about them. If they’re rubbish, I’ll probably just pretend not to have seen them. Seriously, though, I’m a staunch defender of the PSP and found several nice things to say about that Tamagotchi board game on the Wii, so unless your product name includes the word “Sims” you’re pretty safe.

Looking at my stats for last month (October 2007) my atom.xml feed file was viewed 2,307 times and my blog’s main page was viewed 531 times. That’s, like, loads. (Although the atom.xml file was accessed about 70,000 times, but I guess the 2,307 is after search bots have stripped from the figures or something.) I bet IGN and Gamespot don’t have many more hits than that. And I post loads on Usenet and rllmuk. Sometimes I even post on NTSC-UK when I’m really, really bored.

Please email me at the address listed in my Blogger profile if you wish to take advantage of this very special offer.


Rev. Owen Allaway

P.S. I also accept cash, bourbon and Star Wars merchandise.

Team Fortress 2 (360)

I was meant to be playing this with friends last night, but nobody showed up. So after half an hour wandering round maps listening to the developers’ commentary, I leapt into a public game.

I was rubbish. Just awful. I had fun, though, even though I kept dying. And despite my incompetence my team won a couple of times, including one win that was so decisive that it got me a (richly undeserved) achievement. (Though there is a case to be made that by being such an easy target, I distracted the enemy from the better members of my team, and thus helped in my own way.)

Looking at the stats afterwards, it seems that I did far, far better when I was a pyro and sat back in defence, so I think that’s probably what I’ll stick to from now on.