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Pinball FX (360)

Rubbish. Me. Tonight. Rubbish.

I wish the tables had more to them. I think I prefer impossible video game pinball to video games based on tables that do or could exist.

Pinball FX (360)

I don’t get the Extreme table. There doesn’t seem to be anything there. It feels very empty compared to the others and I have no idea what to do.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo (PS3)

Hang on!

The original was on the Xbox not the 360!

So I suppose it must look better… but I guess it’s the same relative standard, given present expectations, or something.

Excuse the brain fart there.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo (PS3)

Happily, though I downloaded this from the Japanese store it displayed itself entirely in English, which was nice.

Appears to be the same as the 360 demo I played several hundred years ago. Though I died before getting to a boss in this one, which I’m not sure happened back then. No idea if it looks any better or worse than the 360 version, it just looks quite lovely.

Nice, lovely, odd words to be using for a game where you’re a Flash-speed ninja killing hundreds of people, but that’s about what it is. Nice, lovely, with hints of the famous difficulty level of the full game.

Oh, and a camera from hell, obviously. High speed fighting and tight corridors and box rooms really don’t mix.

Pinball FX (360)

Hooray! I’m top of my Friends Leaderboard for the Agents table. Somehow it kept giving me tens of millions of points when I shot the spinner. No idea how I activated that and I’ll probably never do it again.

I really need to sort out this content issue with Microsoft, too. My wife can’t even use the Dead Rising theme we downloaded for her on this new machine.

Eets: Chowdown (360)

Really enjoyable little puzzle game. Wish it had per-level Leaderboards, but apart from that it’s great. Once again, deKay is miles above me on the Leaderboard. (He’s also the only friend of mine who’s bought it so far.)

There’s also a nice little mini game included, which I had a good time with, though it’s taught me that, incredibly after all this time, I don’t actually know which way round the B and X buttons are on the 360 controller. If I knew that, maybe deKay wouldn’t have twice as many points as me…