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Clive Barker’s Jericho Demo (360)

This is a squad-based FPS, which seems to be set in a crumbling castle or citadel of some sort populated by bondage-tinged horrors. It’s difficult to tell, as it’s just about the darkest game ever. Very atmospheric, but it’s really quite annoying. I took to using one character’s fire bomb move just to light the place up, rather than kill anything. Still, it’s good fun, if short.

If this came out in a February or a March I’d be cautiously interested, but post-Halo and pre-Orange Box and Mario Galaxy it’s really going to get lost. It’s on my “possibly pick up for under a tenner in the sales” list.

Geon Demo (360)

I quite liked this. Felt a bit random, but an enjoyable waste of time nonetheless. Didn’t really click with me and I never noticed my opponent scoring, but it was fun enough.

Possibly, maybe 400 points of fun. Not 800 points of fun though, I’m afraid.

Metal Slug Anthology (PSP)

I’ve had this a while, but keep forgetting the post about it, as I only play it for odd moments. I’ve only been playing the first game and not continuing. I’ve got to the second stage and to the top position on the leaderboard. Unfortunately, though your high score is saved with your general profile, the high score table for each game is only saved if you save the individual game. It’s a bit of pain and some sort of autosave wouldn’t go amiss.

Oh, and it looks very, very lovely indeed on the PSP and plays very well.