I now have glowing red eyes. I thought that was a trait for bad guys, but I guess not. Also, I have eaten too many pies and my gut is pretty large. I’m not sure how to lose weight in this game. Maybe it’ll disappear after a while if I stick to potions for my healing needs.

Did one story quest last night, returning a seal to some folks in the Wraithmarsh. After that it warned me that I should finish quests before proceeding, so that’s what I did. I did all the Archaeologist quests I could, but soon there weren’t any more scrolls to go and give up, despite me not having finished that quest line. I guess you have to finish it after the story, or something.

I’ve also lost my zombie girlfriend. She was there at the end of one quest, then disappeared before I could marry her. I assumed that the Graveyard Mansion mission would bring her back, so I saved up the 100,000 gold I needed to start that quest, but it was nothing to do with her. I’m slightly annoyed by this turn of events. I wonder if she’s ever coming back?

Anyway, I guess I’ll get on with the story when I next play. I think I’m pretty much done with the side quests.

One Achievement last night.

The Sharpshooter – You, or a friend, hit three targets with one shot. Reaver himself would be envious. A pure fluke.