Archive for February, 2006

Xbox 360

Played more Ridge Racer – I didn’t bugger it up as much as earlier – and then went to download some stuff on Live.

Downloaded all the eighteen unlock keys for extra cars in Ridger Racer 6. Very odd. The cars are on the disc already, but you have to go online and unlock them one by one by one by one. It’s quite a long process and the only point seems to be to annoy people who aren’t online. Mind you, anyone who’s bought a 360 and doesn’t have it online needs their head looking at.

Then I downloaded the Xtreme difficulty level for Crystal Quest. I shouldn’t have done. It cost 100 points. It’ll only encourage more developers to cut bits out of their games to charge for later. Anyway, it transforms the game. It… well, it makes it really hard. Obviously. Hence the name. Basicaly it cuts out all the boring stuff and turbo charges it. I’ve ony got off level one once so far, but that gave me my best score ever by about a million points.

Marble Blast Ultra

I thought Marble Blast would be a good game to play for a few minutes before going out.

I was wrong.

I had to leave a level uncompleted, which is going to annoy me all day.