Rhythm Tengoku (GBA)

It’s a rhythm action game from the Wario Ware team.

I’m sure it’s very good, but somewhat predictably, I’m stuck on a very early level where you have to hit baseballs.

Orbital (GBA)

Another game that cost a tenner.

It hurt my head.

A lot.

I was pleased when, on stage four, I finally died.

Dotstream (GBA)

Checked out a FAQ. Oh, there’s a boost button.

Using that little tip I won the first GP with ease on the bus this morning. Second GP was also easy, until the last two races. Died before the end of both of those and thus only came second over the series. And that’s not good enough.

Dotstream (GBA)

Cute little racing game. Took a while to work out (and I’m not sure yet if it’s possible to get a decent start), but now I’ve got there, I’m enjoying it. Even though I’m rubbish.