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Tomb Raider Anniversary (360)

Hmm. If you’re going to release a game on the 360 that looks like an upscaled PS2 game, then surely it would be possible to get a stable framerate? No? Oh, okay then.

Anyway, despite looking significantly worse than Tomb Raider Legend, this seems to play nicely and does what it sets out to do – it feels like the original Tomb Raider, but with the controls and checkpointing that we except in this day and age. As such, I think I’m going to enjoy it when I sit down and play it properly.

Goozex is lovely, but I’ve got far too many games over the last few days.

Trivial Pursuit (360)

Got this to play with my wife. It beats the board game version we played last week handily, simply due to having questions from after 1983. Hooray! We played the Facts and Family mode, or whatever it’s called, which is a lovely variation on the normal game. You share a puck and any wedges you win become lives in a final face-off at the end of the game. Works very well indeed, especially as most questions only give you a few points towards getting a wedge. You can also bet on whether you think your opponent knows the answer to a question – get the bet right and you also get some points towards the wedge. Honestly, it makes sense when you play.

We originally played with the UK set-up, but found it was fairer to everybody if we selected the USA set-up. (My wife’s American and has only been living here about three years.) Unfortunately, it seems that you can only change this by going back to the dashboard and then reloading the game.

Still, it seems that for the eight quid we played, this is a great way to play Trivial Pursuit if you don’t have the room or inclination to get the board game out. We’re going to have to limit our games to try and stop question repetition, but hopefully there are enough to last us a little while.

Also, for those that care, it pumped Achievements out at us like they were going out of fashion.