Completed this last night. I was fearing that the final boss would make me hate the game, but he was fine. Took a good few attempts to kill, yes, but he wasn’t annoying with it. Thank goodness for surround sound, though. I have no idea how you’d keep track of him in stereo.

Anyway, the game took me a little over eight hours to finish and I died 192 times along the way. Which meant that I died, on average, every two and a half minutes. That does sound like a lot, but the game didn’t feel too hard or unfair – except for the one spot I mentioned yesterday, which my wife says took me a lot more than ten minutes to get through. (And if an unfair spot can make half an hour seem like ten minutes, it can’t be so bad.)

Overall thoughts now I’ve finished? Well, it’s brilliant. It’s fun, exciting, tense, cathartic, violent, messy and rewarding. The default difficulty is just right, with no real sticking points or frustrations – but it’s no cakewalk, either. Seems to be perfectly balanced for me.

Now I need to try the multiplayer and then I guess I’ll write up a full review for UpToJump.