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GripShift (PS3)

Did a few more levels, for want of anything else to do. My net connection’s very flaky today, so I can’t sign into Live or the PSN any more.

It’s not been the best gaming day ever.

flOw (PS3)

Blimey. There’s not much to flOw, is there? Took a couple of levels to work out how things worked, then the next four were completed easily, then instead of brand new creatures, end credits. Took game time less than an hour. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I do feel slightly ripped off, even though it was only £3.49. I can’t see it having much replay value, for me at least.

Jetpac Refuelled (360)

With Resistance finished I’m free! Free! So I downloaded this before setting my Shivering Isles download going.

Fun factor: Good

Nostalgia Factor: Infinite

I’m third on my Friends leaderboard in the Retro section after one go. Not too shabby. I’m rubbish at the new Refuelled mode, though.

Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

Yeah, okay, I lied.

I put the game back on again, stopped dying and saved the world. Well, Britain. Good enough for me!