More spoiler-filled Achievements!

The Philanthropist – A gift was sent to an Xbox LIVE friend. Aren’t Heroes nice people? Amusingly, I got this for sending a joke present of an Economy Value Necklace to a friend I saw wandering around the Bowerstone market square. He appaeared as a floating sphere and I had the option to give him a gift, check his stats, or ignore him. It’s not a big thing, but it is nice to see someone else playing the game.

The Rogue – You, or a friend, managed to steal something from a house while people stood nearby. This was a bit difficult. In order to complete a quest I had to do bad things, namely steal items from people’s houses. It had a good outcome, but I got far more bad points along the way than bad ones at the end. Especially as one person saw me stealing from their home and attacked me, so I had to kill them. At this stage, though, I didn’t feel especially bad about it. You see, Max and Sam, inept occultists, had released a banshee into Bloodstone. Said banshee killed my wife Kristen, so Andrea was taken into care. This upset me. I was going to kill Max and Sam in revenge, but didn’t have a chance, so I had to channel my fury somewhere.

The Cliff Diver – You, or a friend, plunged an incredible 500 feet off a cliff. Heights hold no fears for Heroes. This was during a mission to investigate reports of a ghostly pirate haunting a cave. To get to the cave I had to make a huge dive. Nice mission, actually. I had to kill lots of ghostly pirates, then sail a pirate ship to an island where I spent a fun few minutes looking around for all the hidden pirate treasure.

The Celebrity – You, or a friend, are the most famous person in Albion. Heroes deserve to be celebrities! And this popped up at the end of the mission, when I returned to the mainland with lots of treasure and the near-mythical pirate ship.

Now it’s off to see Reaver in his manor house in Bloodstone. But at some point I need to get 100,000 gold so I can buy the house in the graveyard where my undead girlfriend lives, so I can have a zombie wife.