Sexy Poker (MOB)

Well, it’s certainly the latter…

Good fun, too. There’s only a single opponent at a time and the AI is probably pretty random, but it works. Plus, it’s nice to have goals and I guess tiny, single-pixel nipples are as good as anything else.

Not going to change the world, but it’s as slick and well-made as all the other Gameloft games.

Tamagotchi (MOB)

Two days later. It’s still asleep and its stats haven’t changed.

I’m guessing time only counts when the game is running, rather than it looking at the clock to see how much time has passed since the last play session.

Which makes the thing absolutely worthless, then.

But it’s such an odd design decision to have made that I feel I must be missing something… Especially as you can display the time in the game, so it knows what it is.


Tamagotchi (MOB)

Nothing was happening, so I reset my Tamagotchi and started again on the Fast speed setting. It was so quick that I couldn’t keep with it and then it fell asleep.


I think maybe this game needs a middle speed setting.

Tamagotchi (MOB)

The guy still doesn’t need any more feeding or cleaning or treating or healing or, well, anything.

This is very odd.

I just start it up, see my little blob doesn’t need anything and shut it down again.

Not very interactive, really.

Tamagotchi (MOB)

It’s a Tamagotchi… on a mobile. My mobile, in fact.

It being on a mobile means two things:

1) It can’t call out and annoy you, you have to load the game to check how the little guy’s doing.

2) It can look a bit nicer than a low-res LCD display.

Other than that, well, it’s a Tamagotchi. More advanced than the original ones, less advanced that the current ones.

I.Q. (MOB)

Cubes roll down the stage.
I try to dispose of them.
But I fall and die.