Hmm, this is tricky. Tricky, tricky, tricky.

You see, there are these Yellow Jelly monsters that appear in groups of four. They don’t do much damage, but they can only be hurt by magical attacks. There’s only one person in my party who can do that sort of magic and she’s only got a limited number of magic points to spend.

Normally in a Final Fantasy I’d stock up on Ether, which recovers magic points, and we’d be all set. But there’s only one town I can get to this early in the game and it doesn’t sell Ether.

So I’m getting so far into the dungeon and these slimes appear and I’m all out of magic and there’s nothing I can see to do but turn off the Micro and try again. There doesn’t even seem to be any way to run away from a battle. That might be possible with a long button press, or something, but I’ll have to wait until this evening and check the manual to find that out.

Still, makes the bus journey fly by. Nearly missed my stop because of some pesky goblins this morning.