Danger! Red alert! Danger!

::runs around the room making siren noises with arms flailing::

This is one of those games that gets into my brain and won’t let go. It’s a puzzle, where the picture contains clues to band names. So if there were a bunch of wolves putting together a newspaper the answer would be The Wolfgang Press. (It’s a good thing I’m not designing these puzzles, really.)

Say What You See: Music Fest

Some clues are much easier than others. The guys in t-shirts there took me a while.

Anyway, it’s incredibly hard to let go of the thing because you know the answers are there, right in front of your face. (Assuming I’ve heard of all the groups and artists in the puzzle, of course. This is by no means certain. I’m getting on in years and don’t have much time for the stuff on the radio these days.)

My brain just doesn’t want to let it lie. I even had an one answer come to me in a dream last night and had to grab my iPhone at five in the morning to type it in before I forgot it.