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Time Pilot (360)

My high score is now 112,500, which makes me the 881st best player in the world.

Seems deKay is trying to catch me up, but he’s not succeeded yet. Ha!

Also tried the online mode. It’s like playing offline, but jerky and your game finishes before you want it to.

Time Pilot (360)

This I like!

It’s a classic arcade game that I don’t think I’ve ever played before. And it’s excellent. Lovely little fast-paced shooter. Quick, simple, fun, throws out achievements with gay abandon. Not that it always gives them out in the right places – I got the “Don’t Lose A Life On Level One” on my first go, despite losing a life. (I’m assuming whoever coded that little forgot that you can get extra lives very easily.) I’m currently sitting on 103,000 points, top of my friends leaderboard and 1,225th in the world.

It is a bit shit that it doesn’t remember the high score table and your graphics preference when you leave the game, though.

Orbital (GBA)

Another game that cost a tenner.

It hurt my head.

A lot.

I was pleased when, on stage four, I finally died.

Armadillo Run (PC)

Keep forgetting to post about this.

But I’m playing it, oh yes.

Up to level 45 now, and it’s brilliant. One of the very best games you can get for a tenner, I’d say.

Thief: Deadly Shadows (360)

Another game that’s meant to be 360 only.

I tried it and it seems to output it at 50Hz, so my TV couldn’t handle it. It worked if I flicked the switch to output a standard definition signal, but that’s missing the point a bit… and the graphics are fucked in the game, anyway. Some details – such as fires and moonbeams – show through walls, furniture, characters, etc.

Do any Xbox games apart from Halo 2 actually really work on the 360?

Cloning Clyde (360)

Had neglected this since release day, or thereabouts, so it took me a few minutes to get back into it. But I’d soon completed two more levels and netted myself two more achievements. Hoorah!

Boiling Point: Road To Hell (PC)

This time I hit the quick save button a few times and didn’t kill anybody. I drove arolund the jungle a bit, then swam across some water and got eaten, met some guerillas – who thought I was their new recruit – and some government troops – who thought I was their new recruit – and learned how to drive a boat.

And then I jumped around some houses and managed to fall on to a balcony I couldn’t jump off, so I turned the game off.