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Last major update - 29th May 2000
Last minor update - 26th October 2006

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"Friends 2"
by Syl Francis

29th May 2000

by Syl Francis

29th May 2000

by Syl Francis

29th May 2000

by Syl Francis

29th May 2000

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Three More Episodes of Season Three
9th May 2000

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10 Dec 2001
29th May 2000
29th May 2000

10th Mar 2000

IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to the number of viruses being sent to my account I no longer accept emails from this page. Also, I have, for a number of reasons, stopped updating this web site. Please direct any questions to the nice folks in alt.comics.batman.

Welcome to the Better Batman Bureau

Welcome to the Better Batman Bureau, an alt.comics.batman web site. Here you'll be able to find the FAQ for the newsgroup, as well as a lot of other Batman-related stuff. The site is split up into four separate sections, listed below.


The FAQs page is the place to go if you have any questions about Batman, or the alt.comics.batman newsgroup itself.

GCPD Archive

Some of the regular posters to alt.comics.batman have created a fictional Gotham where they star in a continuing storyline along with the other Batman characters. This is an archive of those messages, just in case you wanted to catch up.

Fan-Fiction Archive

Stories about Batman and related characters.


Links to other useful web sites.




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