Archive for July, 2007

CastlevaniaRL (PC)

Okay, I think that’s it. I can’t work out how to heal in the church, with is annoying me more than it should, but, more than that, I keep dying very early and doing the initial forest stuff over and over gets tiring.

Flatout Ultimate Carnage (360)

I finished the first set of events and moved up to Race Class.

There’s a reason that this hasn’t moved from my 360 in weeks, and it’s not just my lack of gaming time recently. It’s a simply fantastic game.

Super Contra Demo (360)

I was burnt by Contra, Super Contra seems to be the same, but even harder. No thank you.

Wing Commander Arena Demo (360)

It’s another car combat game in a different skin. A spaceship skin. And it’s absolutely rubbish. I can’t be bothered to even write about it, quite frankly.

Heavenly Sword Demo (PS3)

My wife looked up from her knitting and said, “Well, it looks very pretty.” And it does.

Not sure about the, you know, game, though. It’s a hack and slash that seems like it might have a nice, deep system behind it, but I can’t really tell – it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on under the fireworks or which enemy the game’s going to focus on when you hit an attack button – and enemies spawn for far too long in each area.

Of course, it might easier to tell if it was any good or not if the ONE GIGABYTE demo lasted more than FIVE MINUTES.