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Flatout Ultimate Carnage (360)

Well, Blockbuster gave me lots of store credit so I picked up a few new games, including this. I didn’t like the first one, ignored the second, but this one has been getting lots of good feedback online. With good reason, it seems. The handling is massively improved and the framerate, though very inconsistent, is much, much better. The first game had sim leanings that I don’t think worked too well; this is an out and out arcade racer and really, really good.

Sega Presents Touch Darts (DS)

It’s very good, but it wears thin after a while. About half an hour at a time is my limit, before throwing darts starts to get very, very boring. Doesn’t help that it’s so incredibly easy right now. I’m not very good, but the computer players are just awful right now. Must unlock the higher difficulties.

Sega Presents Touch Darts (DS)

It’s the first day of Retro Week, so I started off with this, as you can’t get much more retro than darts… Okay, okay, I had new game excitement and forgot it was Retro Week. My wife’s been playing this and raving about it and I got to have a go today and it’s really good. It’s just darts, yes, but it’s good just darts. Won a couple of tournaments and then played some single-DS multiplayer against the wife. I won 2-1. Go me!

Now, hopefully, the rest of this week will feature real retro games, at least until Friday when I see what I’ve got left in the trading pile that I can swap for all the new releases coming out this week. And there are loads of them. Resident Evil 4, The Darkness, Overlord, Harry Potter… gulp!

F-Zero X (Wii)

Well, I was going to leave this until the official start of retro week tomorrow, but as it seems to be Futuristic Racer Day, I thought I’d give it a go.

Unlike WipEout, it’s not stupidly hard. I nearly didn’t finish the first cup after losing all my spare lives on the last track, but I pulled it together in the end and came first. Go me.

It’s very fast and very fun, but the Classic controller is really bloody uncomfortable.