Six minutes. That’s how long he took to kill me.

I barely scratched the bastard.

I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it, either. His attacks are too powerful. If I play a purely defensive game without trying to hurt him I’d still die. He just throws more damage around than I can deal with.

So I guess that’s it. All this way and I’m not going to finish it. Sixty two hours or so and that’s it.

Really, what the fuck it the point of upping the difficulty so much at the end? It’s a long enough game as it is. It really, really doesn’t need to stretch itself out by getting you to level up for hours on end.

It’s Vagrant Story all over again. An object lesson in how to ruin a great game. Just make that last boss easier and I’d have had fond memories of a great game with the odd annoying bit in. Now I’m just going remember it with annoyance.

Okay, okay, because it’s been so long, I’ll try it one more time. Maybe the game will adjust the difficult or something now I’ve lost once…