Fifty hours now.

No, still not done. Not by a long way, I don’t think.

I got to a boss who slaughtered me in about six turns. Ouch. I assumed it was a battle I was meant to lose, you know, they happen in RPGs now and again. But it wasn’t. Somehow I was meant to win it. So I went back. And lasted quite a long time, but half of that was me hanging on hoping for a miracle while half my party lay dead.

So I decided to look on GameFAQs for boss tips. Before I got that far, though, the section headings made it obvious that I’d missed out a huge chunk of the game.

A-ha! That’ll give me an item I need to deal with this uber-boss!

That’s what I thought.

I was wrong. I checked the first sentence or two of the section I missed, which got me started, but I didn’t really get anything for doing it. Just a sub-quest, I suppose. I wonder if I’ve missed many of those?

I’ve gone up a level now, though, so maybe I’ll be able to cope with the boss now. Maybe. I don’t know, though. It had incredibly powerful attacks.