Fifty-four hours.

Things are coming closer to a close, I believe.

Not there yet, though.

I must say, the story is a lot more compelling and a lot more, well, more like a story than at the beginning of the game.

Only one boss this evening. He didn’t seem to difficult, but with a few more points of damage from him on a couple of occassions it could have been different. And it took a while, because he had a lot of hit points. I really didn’t make my early game choices too well, so things are more difficult for me than they should be, I think, but not enough to really annoy me. I think that generally the balancing in this game is really very, very good. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it had some sort of adaptive difficulty built in. It would explain why the boss fight strategies I checked online didn’t work for me and why everything seems to be just hard enough. Either that or my play style – explore everywhere but don’t specifically stay anywhere to level up – is the expected method of going through the game.