Hmm. I didn’t think this worked off the hard drive, but someone on a forum said it did, so I copied it and it does. Hooray for even shorter load times! Putting the disc back in its case I found the FFXII demo, which I’d completely forgotten about. I’ll have to try that sometime.

Anyway, another five hours. Started off with a boss fight that went on ages but which wasn’t too stressful. Lots of wandering around and exploring. I did one dungeon and then got to another one, but it was proving a little tricky and my resources were dwindling, so I used Evac to get out and then used Zoom to get back to Farebury, because I’m a cheapskate and it’s got the cheapest inn. I’ll try the dungeon again tomorrow. I got to a bit where I couldn’t progress and so would have to backtrack to try and find a switch or lever or cutscene or something to let me go on.

I did die once this evening, actually. Just out in the field. Wasn’t my fault. Some enemies have a spell that goes through your entire party and has a small chance of killing anyone it touches. I’m not sure what the odds are of it wiping out your entire party in one sweep, but I bet it’s high. Not high enough to stop it happening to me, though. I lost about 3,000 gold because of that, too. It’s not like I’ve ever got much cash, because I never sell anything. You never know what you might need. And I can never remember which items are greyed out when using the alchemy pot. Anyway, I did buy Yangus his first new weapon in about thirty hours this evening, so that was nice.