Fifty-nine hours.

I’m really not enjoying it any more.

I’ve got to the last boss – well, so I assume – and I’ve not been able to kill him. I guess he’s got multiple forms, as these bosses generally do, but I hope he hasn’t because I’ve not been able to kill the first yet.

You know, I started today’s play with a boss fight. And if that had been the end of things then I’d have really enjoyed the game. But, no, the bastard developers decided to shove in an extra dungeon – a very long dungeon, which the boss is at the end of – and a difficulty spike.

I want to have fun and see what happens to everybody in the end. I don’t want some huge challenge, especially not at this point in the game. This should be the glorious finale, not a teeth-grinding annoyance that I’m only prepared to put up with because I’ve got this far.

Mind you, I left Vagrant Story at the last, impossibly difficult, boss, but I really, really want to finish this. I just don’t want to have to play this horrible fucking last bit in order to do so.