Birth of America Demo (PC)

Turn-based strategy, which seems very hardcore to me, but which is probably incredibly simple by the standards of beardy PC wargamers. On my 1024×600 screen I can’t see much of the map and the armies list screen seems hard coded to 1024×768, so the bottom is cut off, but otherwise it runs okay. I got through the first tutorial and won, even though the “Entrench” button it asked me to press didn’t exist.

(I also tried the same company’s Civil War game demo, which is very similar and in a time period I’m more interested in, but that has many more screens that get cut off at the bottom, rendering it unplayable. D’oh.)

BreakQuest (PC)

Yesterday I found my old Stardock details, which includes licences for a lot of old games. Some good, some bad. I installed Impulse (Stardock’s Steam-aper) and BreakQuest was the first game I downloaded. It works reasonably well the trackpad, though the game seems harder than I remember. Still it’s good fun.