Dawn of War: Soulstorm Demo (PC)

Should probably be “Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm Demo” or some such nonsense, but life’s too short.

Anyway, I got it running. Had to reinstall DirectX, install a Virtual C++ runtime (why?) and reboot the computer, but it works. And works well. Just did a little bit of the tutorial, so haven’t seen what it’s like with lots of units onscreen, but it was fine. Perfectly smooth and all that.

Spelunky (PC)

A great idea, a roguelike 2D platform game. Rick Dangerous meets NetHack, or something.

However, I found the controls very hard to use… but that may have been because I was slumped down with my laptop resting on my chest, so couldn’t actually see the keyboard. I think I’ll try again in a sitting position.