Majesty Demo (PC)

Old RTS, notable for lack of direct control over your units, or something. That’s what I’ve read about it, anyway. I tried the demo, which doesn’t really give you much guidance. I was happily pottering about, when huge monsters wandered over and destroyed my castle, with my guards putting up only the barest hint of resistance before keeling over. I think I must have been missing something.

Main annoyance: Moving cursor to edge of screen scrolls the map at a million miles per hour.

Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die (PC)

Wow. I loved the original Sam & Max adventure game, way back in the mid-nineties. Started this (free!) game up and – lo! – it’s… correct! Sam & Max sound right, the jokes are funny and it’s point and click with no fluff or distractions. Excellent stuff. Didn’t play much – I don’t often get a chance to use my NC10 with sound on – but I throughly enjoyed what I did play. Yay.

Europa Universalis II (PC)

Spent ten euros on this last night as a download from GamersGate. So, ten quid. Bit expensive, maybe, but I love the game. (And if I can’t afford to buy proper console games any more, at least I can treat myself to an old PC game when I get paid.) This is, I think, the third time I’ve bought it. PC CD (lost in time), Mac CD (in the closet somewhere, effectively lost) and now PC download.

I’ve completely forgotten how to play since I last played it $hlmun years ago, though. So I’ll be wading through all the tutorials again at some point.

But, hooray for a strategy game that runs in 800×600!