Dawn of War: Dark Avatar (PC)

Two pounds and seventy pence from Impulse this weekend. Massive bargain. Just played one quick skirmish as my friends the Orks. I set it on Easy and had a fun rampage. Just like old times. Trackpad works well enough at that level, though a mouse would be nice.

Seems to run absolutely fine on the NC10 in the no-frills safe mode.

Operation Flashpoint Demo (PC)

The other day, I posted my memories of Operation Flashpoint online. They were -

“Start level. Get into back of jeep thing with other soldiers. Get dropped off near enemy. Crawl through woods into open ground. Lie there for hours, too scared to move. Finally make a move towards enemy settlement. Dead.”

Decided to try out the demo and exactly the same thing happened again. Just, exactly. No idea who was shooting me, either. Being a soldier is hard. (Especially when you’re trying to zoom, fire and aim on a trackpad.)

Lux Delux (PC/Mac)

This is a game I’ve played a lot in odd lunchtime moments over the years, but never remember to blog about. It’s a Risk clone, but it works, has good controls, AI at my level and an overwhelming amount of interesting maps. I’m currently enjoying the Idaho and Dark Ages maps.

It runs fine on the NC10 – as it should – but the vertical resolution makes some maps a little small and fiddly to play. Still worth a look, though.