Hooray! Story completed!

The game gets buggier and buggier the further in you get, culminating in the final QTE-filled climax to the game not displaying properly, leaving me to watch to some rotating polygons and button prompts while trying to work out what was going on from the speech and sound effects.

How on earth you can program a game where the camera goes wrong during a cut scene I don’t know, but it happened.

I think a helicopter was meant to take off, or something, based on the “We’re going to crash!” dialogue, but all I could see throughout the entire thing were some bits of helicopter back and tail sitting on the ground. After the Mission Complete message came up my character magically appeared a few feet away from where he’d been standing before the scene began.

It’s a insult to peple who paid forty quid for the game it and should never, ever have been let out of the door in the state it’s in.

Yet I still love it to death, despite myself.