I found the power switch! Hooray! I also got a much higher score than I had before. I do love the double-barreled shotgun. It’s good for blowing off heads, limbs and assorted chunks of rotting zombie flesh. Still haven’t tried any of the drinks from the vending machines – they’re awfully expensive.

You know, this really is a brilliant game. The controls are spot-on, it’s graphically impressive, it’s friendly to people playing without sound and it’s just a great example of how care and attention can do the seemingly impossible. After all, who’d have thought that this game would actually work on the iPhone? Conventional wisdom is often just mob stupidity.

Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies

Just a little closer... but not too close.

It gives me hope for the recently-announced Street Fighter IV. If this can work, why can’t Street Fighter? Oh, I’m sure it’ll be simplified somewhat, but I’m willing to bet that fireballs will come more easily than with the standard Xbox 360 controller. You mark my words.

It’s also likely to be packed full of expensive DLC, but CoD: Zombies costs nine pounds for the game with two maps and is well worth the cash, expensive as it is for an iPhone game.