Yes, it’s a two-colon game, but let’s not hold that against it. What we’ve got here is the Zombies game mode from Call of Duty: World At War, where you’re stuck in a bunker with hordes of Nazi undead trying to break in and munch on your brains. You start off in a small room with just a knife, pistol and few grenades, but as you earn money by killing zombies and repairing your barricades you can purchase new guns and unlock new areas of the bunker.

I’m not really sure it should work. After all, it’s a game designed for big consoles and big TVs and big controllers. However, against expectations, it’s blindingly good. It looks wonderful, with the zombie animation especially good, and it’s great fun to play. I’ve only tried the dual stick controls so far, but apart from sometimes shooting when I don’t mean to, I’ve not had a problem with them. (HINT: Swiping across the screen turns you 90 degrees, great when you want to look around quickly.)

I was playing it with headphones at lunchtime and it sounds great, with great zombie groans and useful sound cues. Excellently, though, the developers have realised that people will want to play with the sound off, so have included visual cues for when zombies get close to you. It’s just a sign of the love and care that’s gone into this game.

It may have a premium price – and it looks like you’ll have to pay more to get more maps when they’re released (only one comes with the game) – but it’s a game that’s actually worth the cost.

Oh, and that’s before taking into account the online multiplayer, which I’ve not had a chance to try yet. Top marks and a new App Store classic.

Incidentally, in my first go I got to wave three. On my second go I got to wave nine with a combination of the shotgun and then the flamethrower – and maybe could have gone longer if I had switched back to my rifle by mistake. Not a good thing to do when you’re surrounded.

Oh, and then I had another game but died on round four. Let’s forget that one.