So, a big update to CoD: Zombies (I’m not typing out the full name again) came out yesterday. While I was waiting, I practiced on the old version. I’m not really very good, finding headshots tricky, but I do love it. And the flamethrower is just mmmmmmm.

CoD: Zombies

They crawl!

Soon enough, though, the update arrived, which added a whole new map. Okay, it costs £2.99, but it’s much bigger than the existing map and, I think, rather good value given the quality of the game.

CoD: Zombies

I hate these guys... but I do love to shoot them.

The map’s called Zombie Verrückt and I’m meant to be looking for a power switch somewhere. It seems quite important, but I’ve not found it yet. This is mainly due to this map being a lot harder than the old one – I’m dying before I’ve had a good look round.

I know this game won’t be for everyone – dragging the iron sights around either will either feel appropriately weighty or inappropriately annoying, given your point of view – but I reckon this is a fine, fine game.