Important Fact 1: This has nothing to do with sparkling vampires. Important Fact 2: It doesn’t have much to do with golf, either.

You’ve got a ball (or disc). You send it flying around the level until it hits the other ball (or disc). That’s the gist of it, anyway.

Of course, there are a lot of obstacles in the way. Doors that need opening, falling blocks, that sort of thing. And there are puzzles, which unfortunately include my second least favourite type of puzzle (after sliding block puzzles).

It’s a “hit the switches in the correct order” puzzle. Where the switches reset if you get one wrong. The very worst kind of trial and error and something that completely coloured my view of the rest of the game, which I was enjoying to a reasonable level, though I wasn’t finding it very inspiring.

Also, the Lite version has seven levels, which took less than ten minutes to get through, while the full version has thirty. Doesn’t seem like great value for money, though if you take to the game – and plenty of people do seem to love it, so you can probably ignore me – then getting gold medals on every level should prove a stiff challenge.

I’ll say one good thing, though – the lighting is absolutely gorgeous. It might be worth downloading the Lite just to have a look at it. And, hey, maybe you’ll like the game more than I did.