The next game I tried was the mini golf game Adrenaline Golf Online, because that was the other game that wasn’t working at all.

It, too, worked as soon as I started it up.

As I’d only bought it to test out my iPhone, I wasn’t really bothered whether it was any good or not, but I’m pleased to report that it’s pretty good. The hole design (licensed from another developer, I believe) is good and the swipe controls are excellent, making even a simple tap requires concentration. It’s a very good game at its core.

Unfortunately, it’s got a few problems.

The first is that it doesn’t seem to save your best scores for courses, but I’ve only played the first mode which might just be some sort of practice mode. I’ll have to see if the other modes offer records.

The second is that a boulder actual managed to push my ball into the level architecture and I had to skip the hole because I couldn’t get it out.

The biggest problem, though, is that it doesn’t have any camera controls, so until you learn a hole, you’ve got no real idea where you should be hitting the ball. On some holes it’s pretty obvious, on others I really, really wanted to look around to see what I needed to do. It’s a big problem, but it doesn’t kill the game.

(Also, bear in mind I’ve not even tried the majority of the game modes or played online yet.)