So, is there any point in putting the “(iPhone)” bit in the title of the post now I’m using categories and all? I’ll have to ponder that.

Anyway, I had an immensely fun time with Chinatown Wars last night. I didn’t play for hours and hours, with just a relatively short play session, but I packed a lot in.


Not the best angle for a billboard jump, but it worked.

Mostly police chases, it has to be said. I kept being seen getting up to no good and got busted far too many times. Never much of an issue, though, and one of the busts led to me discovering a flamethrower rampage, so I’m rather grateful for that.


Set me on fire! Kerosene!

There’s something very satisfying about setting people and cars on fire and running past flaming gang members and exploding cars, watching your points tick up all the time. Maybe somewhere deep down I’m a pyromaniac, because this rampage was my favourite so far by quite a long way – even beating out the rocket launcher rampage I found the other day.

It’s the game that keeps on giving, it really is.