Highs and lows, my friends, highs and lows. The first bright spot was that I am actually able to play games again – ModNation Racers didn’t permanently put me off. I was quite able to spend an enjoyable half hour or so with Chinatown Wars today.

High and lows, though.

HIGH: Completed my first Unique Stunt Jump.

Okay, so the car ended up on its roof and I had to run away before it exploded, but I completed the jump. I love the way the camera goes all Matrix when you jump through a billboard. It’s a fantastic little effect.

HIGH: Shot down a police helicopter with an SMG.

I didn’t even realise you could do that, but I managed it. And then I ducked into my safe house and lost my wanted rating. Ha!

LOW: Lost all my money.

Yes, I lost all my money again, in another heroin deal gone bad. Up there you can see the hospital taking the last of my cash. I guess it’ll be back to the kart track for me. Or maybe I’ll actually do a mission or two.