Mostly, this was just as excellent last night as it had been previously.

However, I found one short bit that raised an eyebrow. You sit in a mounted gun emplacement firing at enemies. Which is all fine and fun. However, I kept dying without warning. I’d be firing and killing the guys, then I’d be dead. I still have no idea what was really going on. I suppose I wasn’t killing enough of the enemies, but there was no feedback. Eventually the sequence ended in success after I used up all my ammo. I’m wondering if maybe there’s an invisible timer on the section which kills you if you don’t use all your rockets in time, or something. That sounds ludicrous, but I’ve really no idea what was going on.

Odd little bit of weirdness in the game. But it only held me up for ten minutes or so, then everything was back to normal. Several astounding fire fights last night, again. I think I’m at the end of the game now, near enough, but didn’t have quite enough time to finish it off.