Well, no, as it happens. So far I have no objection to this.

I’ve just played through the first case. A simple matter of defending an old childhood friend from a murder charge. A very short case. In fact, you might well call it a tutorial. It’d be interesting to see if it’s possible to cock up, or if it leads you to make the right choices.

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t give any plot details.

::looks around::

Do you really want to know about the mechanics of the trial process? Well, in brief, the prosecuter makes a statement and adds evidence to your inventory. And then he calls a witness, who gives evidence. Then you cross-examine the witness by going back and forth through their statement. At any point you can press them further (which I didn’t try) or go to your inventory and bring in an item of evidence. So, say they say they saw the victim being killed at three o’clock, you can introduce a shop security video that shows the victim was still alive at four. That sort of thing. And sometimes the judge asks a question and you have to give a multiple choice answer.

I believe there’s a pre-trial bit to most episodes to, but I suspect that’ll be introduced when I start the next episode.

And it’s all touch screen controls, you can save any time and it’s got that manga/anime style that’s becoming an increasingly common part of DS games. Well, Ouendan, Trauma Center and this game all turned up in close proximity, so it seems like a trend to me.