Take that!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has just appeared on the App Store. It’s the first DS game in its entirety for the bargain price of £2.99.

I never did finish the DS version, I don’t think – I’m not sure I ever started the fifth case and I’m pretty sure I didn’t finish it – but I’m also looking forward to replaying the cases I did play back in the day.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I know he touched something, I just need to prove it.

It’s a decent conversion. The two DS screens are shown using the iPhone’s portrait orientation and, apart from looking a little small, there’s nothing to complain about, except for wishing text appeared a little more quickly. It even does a quick save when you press the Home button. Yes, I know it should, but there’s enough games that don’t to make it worth pointing out.

I’ve just spent my lunchtime playing through the first case. All simple, tutorial-level stuff, but it’s very satisfying when everything goes to plan. I remember it being slightly annoying in later cases when my brain failed me and it became an exercise in trial and error, but hopefully I’m cleverer now.