Well, I tried episode one again as an experiment.

You can’t let things go. If you cycle through all the witness testimony you just get back to the beginning until you hit upon the right the thing to do.

Or you can do the wrong thing. You can introduce a passport into evidence when you should be using an answerphone tape and then you’ll piss off the judge a bit. (Or ‘lose a life’ as we used to say.) If you piss off the judge enough he finds the defendant GUILY and it’s game over.

So, yes, expectedly linear in the trial phase, with a definite right way of doing things. That’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I was just curious.

One day someone should get the licence to top ITV3 show The Practice or Living TV’s Shatnertastic (not to mention Spaderific) Boston Legal and have a proper court case simulation where you can mess up on one witness but pull it back with an epic closing. Featuring EyeToy compatibility and advanced juror AI… or something.

(No, it wouldn’t need a licence, but I like the idea of stealing-company-money-to-pay-off-gambling-debts and sexual-banter-with-(ex)-Lara-Croft mini games.)