Now, the original point of this blog was to write about every game I played, every time I played it. That hasn’t happened. Games I play on a daily basis or ones I only play for five minutes tend to get left out unless I’ve not played anything else. That makes things manageable, but doesn’t give a true picture of what I’ve been playing. Today, therefore, I’ve decided to write about every game I played at the weekend, even if it was only briefly, to give some indication of the breadth of games I actually play, even if every single one was on the same platform.

Let’s start off then, with a game I think I’ve probably played every day for over a year now.

Words With Friends

No wow moment, just solid word-based fun.

Yes, it’s the trusty old Words With Friends, which in terms of price-per-hour must rank as the best value game I’ve ever paid money for.

Nothing amazing to report – although a friend did beat me in stunning fashion by getting a seventy-two point word in the dying moments of one game – but I still keep on playing. I also played a few moves of Words With Pirates, too, but that joke’s wearing thin now.