Oh, hello. If you’re reading this blog because, shite as it obviously is, it at least talks about iPhone games, then you’ll probably want to wander over to Podgamer, which is a proper site written by real games journalists who actually explain about games and and can write properly without resorting to endless sentences that just go on and on without pause and, most of all, don’t just slap down a screen shot and say, “I played this game, you shoot stuff, it’s all right I suppose.”

Anyway, the bulk of play time last night was taken up with Angry Birds, as you might expect. It’s just more of the same old stuff, but that’s definitely good enough for me. I love Angry Birds. It’s like Peggle in that you need to use your brain to make a shot, but then have to rely on luck after that. This is a problem for some people, but not for me. I consider my options and my current strategy, I line up my bird, I let go, I hold my breath… and sometimes I growl and sometimes I cheer. It’s a good job the Restart Level button is so easily accessible. It’s a brilliantly-designed piece of software that acknowledges its possible frustrations and does its best to neutralise them.

However, last night I encountered a bug, the first that I can remember. Take a gander at the screenshot below.

Angry Birds

The never-ending level.

Just looks like the end of a level, right? Well, no, because it didn’t. The big bird there just wobbled about in a hard hat and never disappeared. I waited for at least ten minutes and eventually had to restart the level. It was especially annoying as I’d just got a new high score, but karma kicked in and within two minutes I’d soared past that score and got 120,000.

I’ve got three stars on over half the new levels now, but the remainder are proving tricky. I’ll get there, though. There are Game Center achievements at stake now, after all. Oh, and talking of Game Center, the little graph next to each set of levels showing how well you’re doing against the rest of the world? Genius, absolute genius.

Oh! Oh! One more thing. I played the game with sound last night, for possibly the first time. Those bird noises are deeply annoying, aren’t they? Also, the crashing noises don’t sound like my head thinks they should. I think I’ll stick with blessed silence from now on.