I read Rock, Paper, Shotgun, despite not having a gaming PC. (I do have a PC, but its last upgrade was about four years ago now and it won’t play most modern games.) I read it because it’s written well enough to be interesting about games I don’t have much interest in, they often talk about games I can play on my consoles and because it links to interesting web-based games.

Which is where One Button Bob comes in.

One Button Bob

I like its chunky looks.

It’s a nice, short platform game that you control using the left mouse button. What that button bodes changes depending on the screen. Sometimes it makes you walk, sometimes it makes you stop, sometimes it makes you jump, etc.

It’s a good little lunchtime distraction and I got to the end in somewhere between three hundred and four hundred clicks. I wish I’d remembered exactly how many, so you could have competed against me.