Excellent shooter. I’d played the demo a lot, then bought the game ages ago for 59p in a sale, but hadn’t got around to playing it.

Terminator Salvation

Look! It's a real Terminator! Not Generic Enemy Robot #63.

Started it up yesterday afternoon, didn’t stop until I’d finished the game. So, yes, it’s short. I’m not sure how short, but at a guess it took three or four family guys to get to through. Maybe five. Over an hour, I reckon, but less than two. (These Family Guys were on the BBC, so no commercials.)

It’s got a nice cover mechanic, the licence helps the atmosphere enormously and there are even some decent vehicle levels. It’s very easy on Normal, yes, but I didn’t feel like that was a bad thing.

Terminator Salvation

You get to ride a Terminator motorcycle over the Golden Gate bridge. Awesome.

The only bad point I can think of is the reliance on laser beams that turn on and off to slow things down. It’s a bit of a lame way to try and make the game a bit longer.

Still, I enjoyed my run through the game enormously and consider it to be 59p well spent.

I have to wonder why Gameloft took the “tilt to aim” option out of their more recent shooters. It’s definitely the best way to play and lack of that option in Modern Combat really hurts the game. Strange.