Yes, it’s a highly dodgy Doodle Jump rip-off starring everyone’s favourite electric mouse, Pickahu.

It got taken down within hours of appearing on the App Store, but I grabbed it as a curiousity.

(And not because I love Pikachu. I’m a 36-year-old married man with a steady job and a Volvo. Of course I don’t have a favourite Pokemon. And if I did, it certainly wouldn’t be one as obvious as Pikachu. Oh no. I’d go for something much cooler.)

Anyway, I turned airplane mode on while I played, just in case it tried to do something dodgy – I trust Apple’s review process this much: none. It’s a fairly dull Doodle Jump clone that takes too long to get hard, but it seems to work okay and doesn’t have the annoying shooting elements of Doodle Jump, so I guess it wins there.

Would have been nice if the developer had made some attempt to actually, you know, animate Pikachu as he leapt around, but there you go. At least there’s a local high score table.