Current team -

Chistery, level 31 Monferno with Mach Punch (Fight), Rock Smash (Fight), Flame Wheel (Fire) and Ember (Fire).

Lawson, level 35 Tangrowth with Vine Whip (Grass), Cut (Normal), Mega Drain (Grass) and AncientPower (Rock).

Cadaver, level 34 Alakazam with Psycho Cut (Psychic), Confusion (Psychic), Psybeam (Psychic) and Miracle Eye (Psychic).

PIKACHU (in Japanese), level 33 Pikachu with Thunder Wave (Electric), Shock Wave (Electric), Thunderbolt (Electric) and Slam (Normal).

Clarice, level 32 Staravia with Defog (Flying), Aerial Ace (Flying), Fly (Flying) and Wing Attack (Flying).

Duckula, level 34 Golduck with Shadow Claw (Ghost), Surf (Water), Water Pulse (Water) and Rock Smash (Fight).