It’s amazing how fun a game of running backwards while firing a machine gun can be, because that’s basically what Minigore is. I loop round the level, firing in a shallow arc behind me, occasionally picking off enemies coming in from an awkward direction and picking up power ups when I can, which is normally a good long time after they drop.

I also love the new rhythm of the game that’s been introduced with the latest update. The wormwolfs that come out at night aren’t especially hard to kill – though they can surprise you if you’re not careful – so there’s now a definite sense that you’re hanging on until night falls. Once that happens you can run around and pick up power ups and, ideally, position yourself next to a flaming clover so you can turn into a beast when dawn breaks again.

Playing on Insane, I know that if I manage to last until the second night, I’ve got a good chance at getting in my own little high score list and that if I managed to make it to the third night, I’ll probably top my own leaderboard. My best score is 9,550 and I’m really hoping to get to 10,000 sometime soon.

I’ve added quite a few more kills to my total this lunchtime:

I’m over halfway now. I should be able to make 100,000 long before Christmas if I don’t get distracted.