Some lunchtime… fun?

Gain Ground – This isn’t too bad, but it’s very clunky indeed.

Shadow Dancer – You’re a ninja! With a dog! Shame it’s instadeath hell.

Sword of Vermillion – Ack! This seems to be an RPG! Run away!

Super Thunderblade – Sort of like Space Harrier, but you’re a helicopter. Horrible frame rate, but it is at least fast and frantic. I had three goes, which is this lunchtime’s record. Or was, until I played…

Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle – You can punch cars to death, but try to punch a ball of poo and you die. Valuable life lesson there. Thanks Alex Kidd! Actually, though rock hard, this is actually really good and held my attention for a good twenty minutes. I even discovered a secret area under the ground. Finally – fun!