On the face of it, twenty-odd Sega classics for ten quid sounds like a remarkable deal. However…

Alex Kidd – Bad graphics, horrible one hit deaths. Quite fun for five minutes.

Columns – Seems to get too fast too quickly. Quite fun for ten minutes.

Comix Zone – Incredible graphics, basic but reasonable beat-em-up fun. Quite fun for five minutes.

Flicky – Can’t work out how to shoot. I’m sure I used to be able to play this, but right now this not fun for two minutes.

Gain Ground – Too hard for my twenty-first century, molly-coddled gaming brain. Quite fun, though, for about a minute and a half, until level two appears and kicks you in the crotch.

Kid Chameleon – Annoying graphical glitch means backgrounds become a slightly different colour when scrolling. Still, kept my attention for an entire game and was quite fun for ten or fifteen minutes I played.

Ristar – Looks lovely, feels a little clunky. Quite fun for ten minutes.

Shinobi III – Most enemies no challenge, then a boss comes along which is impossble. A small about of fun, followed by frustration.

Sonic The Hedehog 2 – It’s Sonic 2, which means I still can’t do the Casino Zone boss. I’m rubbish like that. Good fun up until that point, though.

VectorMan – Looks lovely, but is too hard. Quite fun for five minutes.

Okay, there are a lot more games on there, but it’s not been too great so far. Nothing’s grabbed my attention.