Wow. Chapter seven is when things start getting serious, then.

It’s a pretty epic battle. There’s a huge tank that’s covered in guns and which you can only hit during certain turns, which is hard enough. But after you do some damage to the tank, Severina (I think that’s here name) turns up – and she can kill all my troops without any effort whatsoever. What had been a reasonably easy battle – after one attempt during which I got completely killed very early due to not knowing what the heck was going on – became a real struggle for survival.

Vyse had to run round the battlefield rescuing fallen soldiers while my tank tried to keep between him and Severina so he didn’t die, while my tank and remaining lancers concentrated on the enemy tank. Any spare CP went to bringing more troops on to the battlefield.

It was touch and go, but I managed not to lose anyone permanently. Vyse was the only “dead” soldier on the battlefield at the end of the battle, but it seems that winning the battle counts as a rescue. Phew.

Anyway, the hero of the battle was Walter, whose anti-armour potential meant that I managed to destroy the tank. One more turn and I’d probably have been toast.

So, I ended up with a B rank and a whole lot of money and experience to spend. Hooray!

I’ve become quite attached to some of my troops. Vyse, Walter, Dallas and Melville are all favourites of mine, for reasons I couldn’t really explain.